Marquette Auto Glass Repair

Brian’s Auto Glass provides professional and affordable auto glass services. Brian’s Auto Glass is the premier automotive service provider in the area. Check out everything Brian’s can do for you below or call 906-233-4527 and schedule an appointment today.

Glass Repair & Replacement

We offer top-quality glass installation and repair for all makes and models of vehicles, commercial motor vehicles, and motor homes. Whether you’re replacing a window or fixing a chip our highly trained technicians have you covered. We also do Flat Glass on:

Glass Repair at Brian's Auto Glass in Escanaba, Iron Mountain, Chatham and Marquette

ADAS – Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Calibrations

Many of today’s vehicles have safety systems such as Lane Departure Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, and more. When a windshield is replaced in your vehicle these systems must be calibrated to ensure your safety. Our qualified technicians can do this in-house! There are two types of recalibration that are performed for ADAS.

  • A Static Calibration is performed in a controlled environment (Indoor shop with good lighting, level ground, and required space) with special targets placed in specific locations in front and around the vehicle. Also, a scanner is required to communicate with the modules of that vehicle.
  • Dynamic Calibration is performed with a scanner to communicate with the modules of that vehicle, while the vehicle is driven on clear roads with clear lines on both sides.

Some vehicles require Dual Calibration when both types are to be performed one after the other. We can also perform calibrations after body damage has occurred on systems like Blind Spot Detection, Forward Collision Automatic Braking (Radar), Back-Up Cameras, and Panoramic Cameras. All ADAS Safety systems are equipped on your vehicle.